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Search Roscoe's Library Catalog

News from Roscoe's Library

News from Roscoe’s Library

Mary Shoukry, School Librarian


Anyone can access the LAUSD circulation system called:



To search for a book in Roscoe’s Library:

Go to the website:

Click on – Destiny Manager

Click on Elementary Schools then click on Roscoe Elementary (6356). Click on the” Catalog “tab which is above the horizontal green banner.


To search for a book in Roscoe’s collection:

Navigational Path: Catalog tab > Library Search > Basic sub tab or Visual sub tab.

When you do your search you will be able to see if the book is in Roscoe’s collection and whether or not it is currently available.


To search for websites pertinent to your topic:

Click on: Web Path Express on the left side.


You can also access Digital Library – Subscription Sites

Go to Roscoe Elementary home page. Click on Digital Library on the left side and begin your search.